The Fuel Marketers Insurance Trust was created as an alternative source for Workers’ Compensation coverage. The primary objective of the Trust is to work with safety- conscious members to mitigate accidents in the workplace and to thereby reduce the costs associated with Workers’ Compensation insurance. The aim is to provide the program only to those potential members that meet the stringent requirements of the group. It is intended to provide a method of controlling costs throughout the system and therefore returning control to the members without sacrificing any of the benefits that an injured employee is entitled to receive.  FMIT offers cost effective administration, aggressive claims management and superior loss prevention services.

Increase Safety In Your Workplace

Increase Safety In Your Workplace

Benefits of membership in FMIT include:

  • Participants are owners. You and fellow Association members own and oversee the plan. No overgrown bureaucracy. Participants are owners of this program–not just premium payers.
  • Save on insurance premiums. Improve your profits by controlling workers’ comp costs through the prevention of injuries, aggressive claims management and cost-containment techniques.
  • FMIT will manage risks, not just pay claims. You will be kept informed and involved in claims management. Injured employees are served quickly and fairly, avoiding potential litigation. Fraudulent claims are firmly resisted.
  • Eligibility/Underwriting Guidelines. Annually the Board of Trustees establishes these guidelines based on the new applicant’s cumulative loss ratio, experience mod and number of years in business.
  • Provides an industry specific safety program for participants.

How is FMIT able to save me money on premiums?

  • FMIT operates with a lower expense structure 
  • Interest income on premiums and loss reserves is retained by the program, not an insurance company
  • Lower loss costs. Self-insured programs historically show lower losses.  Participants are owners of the program, with a commitment to the self-insurance philosophy.
  • Conservative, disciplined underwriting typically leads to a better group of risks.  Claims and loss experience are more likely to be favorable.

 FMIT is rated one of the best trusts in the state! 

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