Our Story

The Fuel Marketers Insurance Trust (FMIT) was formed in 1993 to provide qualified MPCA members with cost-effective, soundly managed workers’ compensation coverage for their Missouri operations.

Formed under the self-insurance laws and regulations of the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation, the FMIT self-funded program will bring members the advantages of self-insurance typically afforded only to large companies.

The primary objective of the Trust is to work with safety- conscious members to mitigate accidents in the workplace and to thereby reduce the costs associated with Workers’ Compensation insurance. The aim is to provide the program only to those potential members that meet the stringent requirements of the group. It is intended to provide a method of controlling costs throughout the system and therefore returning control to the members without sacrificing any of the benefits that an injured employee is entitled to receive.

The goal of the Trust is steady and well managed growth and has no intention of including in its membership those that could potentially harm the group or deter its purpose.

Costs are controlled in the areas of premiums, accidents, injuries, litigation and lost productivity.  Cost containment is achieved through ongoing member education, conscientious loss prevention and control, careful claims management and a premium audit system.

FMIT is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of FMIT members, who are elected by the membership.

The Trust is sponsored by the Missouri Petroleum & Convenience Association, an established, well-respected Association with a proven record of providing beneficial programs to its members and working towards improving the business environment within the State of Missouri.  In 2021 FMIT gained the endorsement of the Missouri Grocers Association and is now the preferred option for workers’ compensation insurance for their member grocery store operators.  FMIT seeks to protect and further the interest of safety-conscious employers throughout Missouri and sees the Trust as a means to help accomplish this goal.

Board of Trustees

  • Eric Wilmoth – Wilmoth Companies – Mount Vernon – Chairman
  • David Carlton – RPCS, Inc. – Rogersville – Vice Chairman
  • Ron Leone – MPCA – Jefferson City – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Wayne Compton – Mid Missouri Oil Co. – Kaiser
  • Matt Hays – Hays Food Systems – Warrenton
  • Adam Naegler – Naegler Brothers, Inc.  – Springfield


Key Contacts

Lance Cowell

FMIT Fund Administrator
Phone:  (913) 269-0442
Email:  [email protected]

Monica Bullock

FMIT Program Manager
Phone:  (816) 214-4076
Email:  [email protected]

Renee Karr

FMIT Sr. Claims Adjuster
Phone: (816) 214-4086
Email:  rkarr@cisinsurancesolutions.com

Allen Keehler

FMIT Risk Control Manager
Phone:  (816) 214-4075
Email:  [email protected]